Thanks for joining me! I hope you enjoy this exciting adventure! Together we will sift through God’s word discovering how we can takeĀ  biblical principals and live them out in today’s modern world.

The Lord spoke to my heart about 3 years ago of this idea: Counter Culture Christianity. I said, “Lord, what do you mean?” And you know what He said? “I’ll show you.”

At this point I think I may finally understand that when the Lord tells me he’s going to “show” me something, He means it. But, how would He going to show me?. The answer would be the same way He has shown, taught or prepared anyone: experience.

Yep, there’s that dreaded thing. So uncomfortable, yet so necessary. Most of the time my stubborn nature plays against me, so I get to learn the hard way, experience.

I have been through a series of cycles of seasons in my walk with Christ. That’s half true, it almost sounds negative. I have experienced many seasons with Christ with their own unique ups and downs. Somehow that leads to continual growth. The truth is I went through two seasons in my 10 year church experience: Summer and winter.

In the beginning I found church to be this magical land where everybody smiling and happy all the time. Love flowed over rivers of grace and mercy. Literally it was Eden to me. The more I got involved and the more I learned of the Lord, the more invested I became. I never had a church or religious experience growing up. I’d attended here and there with friends when I was a kid, but nothing real. I didn’t know such a place with such a people could be real. I bloomed. I dived so deep into my Bible and into prayer at times, I felt like I was having an affair. I would sneak away to pray, read the Bible every chance I got. Jesus was the best thing that ever happened to me, still is. However, to understand where I’m going, you first must understand where I’ve been…

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

sea of Galilee Israel
Sea of Galilee | Israel 2018 | Photo Credit: Jordyn Baze

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